Notes from our CEO, DBW


June 1, 2020

The newer mindset of the consumer will continue to affect buying decisions.

Consumer confidence will be key to the re-opening of our communities and the comfort level that the public has to engage with new messaging and outreach.

Continue to reach out, educate, and communicate to clients and customers through your key social channels and customer lists – your hours, products, and your support for the community.

Show brand leadership by continuing dialogue and outreach around your business, nonprofit, charity, and government organization, as well as your ongoing work in the community.

Customers may come with higher stress levels – continue internal teamwork by communicating with your team on staying focused and positive.

March 15, 2020

Stay in touch with your customers!  Send social/eblasts with fresh ideas that will keep your brand vibrant and in the minds of consumers.

CRM – Customer relationship management is most important right now.  Share your ideas, dreams and upcoming plans.

Are you anticipating the upcoming demand?  Continue customer touch, watching responses, you’ll be ready to handle incoming business!

How will we create a huge thanks to our health care doctors and nurses? Send ideas.

Website Health: Keep it updated, add resources, information and helpful ideas.  Send folks from social to your updated site!

Retain your customers and create new ones with effective, educational information just for your team and customers.

Embrace technology and incorporate new ways to talk to your customers, from webinars to social media videos, keeping your customers up to date and informed.

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