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Using a powerful infusion of strategy and creativity, Consortium develops ad campaigns that captures the audience’s attention and drives results. From broadcast and online to outdoor and print, we deliver high-impact, highly immersive advertising that connects with your target audience on an emotional level.

Today’s consumer is the savviest in history. And we like that. Because we believe consumers are willing to share with a brand when they see a little bit of themselves in it.

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CM+PR has successfully worked with a diverse group of companies and nonprofits to build brand through creative promotions and partnerships. We’ve brought together many wonderful client partnerships and promotions which supported the brand awareness of all the partners. Smarter promotions start with a smarter approach and those that we create work beautifully with our clients’ goals.

Focusing on a flawless implementation and a rewarding consumer experience, our promotions specialize in an activation approach that motivate consumers to care about your brand, communicate a clear message, and bring awareness quickly. So your customers end up doing more business with your company. More often.

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Public Relations

A great PR firm is one thing. A great brand agency is another. When the two come together under one roof, the results are explosive. Our highly experienced PR team takes your brand to market with creative coverage and key exposure. We go beyond traditional PR techniques and move your brand through broadcast, editorial, social, and digital platforms while making sure your message is spot-on, consistent, and powerful. We know your reputation is at the heart of your business. We are here to make sure yours comes through. Loud and clear.

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Web & Social Media

Digital marketing is virtually transforming the way people engage with the world around them. Companies need to understand where their customers exist in the digital world, then build meaningful and engaging interactive marketing to serve them. Each online platform brings a unique approach and opportunity for brands to present their story.

Your presence on the internet goes beyond your website. People are talking about your brand so we make sure you’re part of that conversation. We’ve been riding the online wave from the beginning. And from what our clients tell us, we’re pretty darn good at it.

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Being creative is one thing. Being strategic and creative together equals pure brilliance. Creative is strongest when it supports solid marketing and pivotal thinking gets noticed more when it’s delivered in a creative way. Nothing lives in a vacuum. It all builds your brand.

Your company may be the market leader. Your idea or service may even be notably exceptional. But does your visual image reflect this fact? Our creativity is at the heart of what we do but it’s our ability to weld it into a powerful plan that drives us and gets results for you.

Because in the end, it’s not creative unless it sells.

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