With 1,200 children currently in foster care and only 500 current foster care homes available, Foster VC Kids was faced with the challenge of raising enough awareness and support services to help find these innocent children more loving homes.

CM+PR stepped in as a creative partner to develop marketing material that maintains brand integrity, and a PR partner to maintain a presence in local press publications in an effort to increase the amount of homes for foster children.

A new initiative called “Homes with Heart” was designed to recruit more homes and help families across the county empathize with the children, youth and teens that hope and want to be a part of a supportive family.

people attended first town hall meeting
dollars in Paid Advertising Equivalency* 2015-2016
Our web team developed a web presence through building a brand new website, launching a pay per click campaign and social media pages.
The Foster VC Kids Deliverables Include
  • Re-branding to use new language based on our social justice work
  • A full media schedule including radio, print, and digital advertising
  • Press and public relations outreach
  • Logo design, established brand guidelines and full suite of promotional materials
  • Brand new website design and a pay per click campaign
  • An integrated social media campaign
  • Professional newsletters and e-blasts
The Bottom Line

The new Foster VC Kids Homes with Hearts initiative has been highly successful in garnering the ears and hearts of Ventura families, inspiring many residents to take the next step to becoming a foster parent, mentor or supporter to the children of Ventura County who are in Foster care.

With the launch of the campaign, residents across Ventura County have been hearing about and attending informational meetings as a result of radio ads, social media posts, advertisements in local theaters, newspapers and publicity articles.

Over 200 people attended the first town hall meeting to find out more information about becoming resource parents, mentors and more. Quite a result from the usual attendance of 10-15 prospective families.